Magnetic Products
CALF BELT (79)        for calf, muscle, thigh
Item Code 79
125 INR US$ 3

Calf belt is usefull to calf pain where the belt for 30 to 60 minutes twice a day. It relieve the pain due to suger, stifness of calf.
WRIST BELT (80)                         for B.P.
Item Code 80
100 INR US$ 2.5

          Effective to control B.P. Usefull for sports person, computer operator, typists. It normalises the pulpitation while you play games like tennis, cricket, while driving.

You can use it for the whole day as health belt.

MAGNETIC BRACELET (81)    export quality
Item Code 81
140 INR US$ 3.5

          The B.P. Bracelet must be worn till your B.P. normalizes,

Use it till your blood pressure comes to normal position.

For low B.P. wear the Bracelet on left hand's wrist keeping the Bracelet on your pulse.

For High B.P. wear the Bracelet on your right hands wrist, keeping the Bracelet on your pulse.

Item Code 82
80 INR US$ 2

                Magnetic hair comb is effective in treatment of hair problems, baldness early greying of hair. By using hair comb elevated scalp temperatures indicates improved local blood circulation to the scalp.
MAGNETIC OIL (83)          250 ml
Item Code 83
250 INR US$ 6.5
MAGNETIC OIL (84)          500 ml
Item Code 84
475 INR US$ 12
Item Code 85
60 INR US$ 1.5

          New improved computerized designed of insomnia belt helps to cure severe headache, migraine, insomnia, depression-anxiety.
Item Code 86
150 INR US$ 4

                 Wheel massager is made of plastic wheels that rotate and do great massage by pulling the string over the shoulder, back etc. You can keep the wheel masseger in your bathroom and enjoy the massage during the bath.  

INDICATIONS: Neck, cervical, shoulder breast, back, calf, knee, feet, hip, belly and heel pain. Very easy to use. Gives effective results immediately. Available colour in yellow.

HEEL BELT (87)               one piece
Item Code 87
60 INR US$ 1.5

         Useful in heel pain. Use 30 to 60 minutes twice a day. Wear this for whole night for (15 to 13 days) for at least one & Half months for complete relief in heel pain.
MAGNETIC PAYAL (baby or lady ) (182)
Item Code 182

For Children

For Ladies
225 INR/one set US$ 5.5

          For better result use magnetic beads on ankle: For traditional use, color beads are wonderful for health protection. Magnetic beads are used for additional strength & growth.

          According to traditional indian culture women wear different ornaments. Those ornaments presses various pressure points sistuated on body. The pressure points for all the sexual disorders are sistuated on our wrist and ankel area that's why Indian women used to wear so many bengals and heavy anklets. So it presses all the points for better health.

INDICATIONS: Arranged in steel wire, Prevent body aches and sexual disorders.
Item Code 183

260 INR US$ 6.5

          Prevents Hair Loss Provides Abundant Amounts Of Nutrients And Essential Oils That Make Your Hair Healthy, Shiny, Strong, Thick And Beautyful. Penetrates And Strengthens Damaged And Chemically Treated Hair.

Has A Refreshing Natural Scent To Remove Stress. Won't Cause Color Shifts And Doesn't Interfere With Permed Or Color Treated Hair. Prevents Dry Scalp And Dandruff Magnetised Herbal Shampoo Is Free Of The Harsh Chemicals That Are Usually Contained In Store And Salon Bought Shampoos.Suitable For Men, Women And Children Of All Ages As It Contains Mildest And Most Expensive Herbs.

Irections : Wet Hair Throughly.Apply Magnetic Shampoo And Work Into A Lather, Then Rinse.Repeat If Desired.

INDICATIONS:Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Almond, Chamomile Extract, Phytokeratins, Honey, Silk Protein, Fennel Seed Extravt, Red Apple Abstract, Shikakai And Combination Of Many Rare Herbs.
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