Online Vaastu Consultancy using Remedial Vaastu
Our Centre provides Vastu Consultancy to remove the defects of Vastu. You can get this by following methods:

By Correspondence

By Visiting the Site (With prerior appointment only)

By E-mail

At our Centre

To receive Vastu-Consultancy by Correspondence or E-mail or at centre:

1. Send us the real map with measurements & directions.

2. If you want consultancy for the plot with no construction, then send us the real measurements of all the sides.

3. Road developments and the purpose of the land you are going to use, condition of neighborhood architecture.

4. Other things, which are situated near your building & plot (Such as pillar of electricity, local amenities, trees, local shops, ditch, factory, petrol pumps, pubs & discos, cemeteries, crematoriums, motor ways, high ways or electricity sub-station etc. nearby) also show in your map & write their distance from the plot & building.

5. Mention your entrance path & front door direction.

6. Mention if there are any sharp corners or slanting roofs, beams & the direction of doors & windows.

7. Colour of house walls.

8. Location of Kitchen, bedroom, children room, bathroom & conservatories in the house.

9. Mention, in case any leaning tree or cold damp rooms are there in the house.

10. What is your direction while cooking?

11. Where is your worship place in your house? Which direction you face while worshipping?

12. What is the direction of your bed in your bedroom?

13. Which direction you face while you work?

14. How many doors & windows are there in your house?

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