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Director's Speaks
It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to the Institute of Alternative Medicines Training Treatment & Research, Jodhpur, India on a journey of self-enlightnement & discovery. With the world on the threshold of path breaking changes in the field of health & medicine, there is a growing realization that contrary to previously held beliefs; conventional medicine (the medicine that most people are familiar with: antibiotics, surgery, etc.) cannot solve all our health problems. Modern Scientific research, as well as public awareness is busy establishing that many alternative medical treatments are more effective, economical, and less invasive & harmful than conventional

We Congratulate you for joining the World's well known Alternative Medicines Training Treatment & Research Centre. You are going to associate with an Organization which is working for HUMAN WELFARE by natural means. Arogya Mandir is having a Rajasthan Government registered training centre under society Registration Act, 1958. Registration number of centre is 162/JU. It is the unique training, treatment & Research centre started to offer not only quality education but also best carrier option to vanish unemployment and to serve mankind. It is apritiated, affiliated & associated with many prestigious organizations like : UNESCO, W.H.O., I.N.O. (International Naturopathy Organization via Reg. No. 1024/RJ/3184/03).

As per the latest World Health Organization estimates, between 65 to 80 percent of the world's population (about 3 billion people) rely on traditional (‘alternative’) medicine as their primary form of health care. It is here that our Institute comes in, playing a pioneering role in promoting the study and practice of Alternative Medicines in a country like India, which boasts of a rich tradition of Ancient healing techniques like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, etc. The uniqueness of our Institute lies in the fact that it has a well-regulated distance learning programme and ultra-modern facilities for the study and practice of the various Branches of Alternative Medicine. The objective of our Institute is to provide the students with ample opportunity to develop their learning skills in their own ambience, study according to their own time frame and simultaneously integrate their course curriculum into their personal lifestyle. Because of the Institute’s exclusivity, students are continually motivated towards being self-disciplined and harnessing their intellect in an optimal manner without the restriction of physical confines. Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Practices are amongst the most sought after career choices amongst today’s modern generation. Keeping this necessity in mind, I cordially invite you to become an integral part of our ever-expanding worldwide student community, to eventually become highly competent Therapists, with an endearing vision to heal mankind.
WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) MONDIALE DE LA SANTE You may be pleased to learn that WHO does give attention to ACUPRESSURE and ACUPUNCTURE in its traditional medicine programme and a whole issue of our monthly magazine (1980). World Health, was devoted to ACUPUNCTURE/ACUPRESSURE. Programme Manager Traditional Medicine
"Arogya Mandir" is the name of the concern which is truely devoted towards the Acupressure , Magnetic, Pyramid, Su-jok and alternative therapies. Arogya Mandir is one of the leading group in the field of manufacturing Acupressure Magnetic Pyramid & Su-jok Instruments & Book Publishing. It has its own Research & Development Dept. Which is managed by Highly Skilled technical Experts. Our products reaches you only after High Quality Control deptt. passes them. Arogya Mandir Publishes books & chart edited by a team of renowned authors. It has branches in major cities of India & abroad. We conduct free seminars & Treatment Camps to all over India and abroad. The President, Chief Patron, Executive Director and all the Course Directors of the centre are highly qualified & expert in Alternative Therapies. They have been Internationally honored with various awards by the well known organizations for their services for wellbeing of mankind in India & abroad. They have attended many seminars & conferences and received prestigious hounours by Vice President of India, many district Collectors, Cricket Players etc. We have organized many free treatment camps with differnet prestigious clubs like Rotary club, Lions club, Giants club & Vishwa Yoga Sansthan.
The Motto of Arogya Mandir and Dr. Ravikant Rankawat.
  • Arogya Mandir is working in various fields of alternative medicines.
  • Arogya Mandir helps needy people by giving free treatment in the camps organized by centre at different times in different cities.
  • Arogya Mandir trains young students for self Employment.
  • Arogya Mandir aims that Acupressure should reach in every part of the world.
  • Arogya Mandir training centres are managed by renowned and experienced therapists of the alternative medicine therapy.
  • We are authorized bulk exporters of acupressure products.
  • We conduct free seminars & Treatment Camps all over India and abroad.

Dr. Ravikant Rankawat
D.A.T. , M.D. (ACU.), Gold Medalist , Ph.D (A.M.) Vaastu-Reiki Consultant
Reasons why you should Enroll Here
  • Relaxed eligibility criteria for enrolment/admission.
  • Provision of equal opportunity of enrolment for aspiring candidates from all over the world
  • Option of assimilating the study/course materials at one's own pace, place and leisure.
  • Affordable nature of the education provided for.
  • Scientific multi-media techniques used in the preparation of course packages/material.
  • Self-instructional and easy to learn the Printed course material.
  • Network of student support services.
  • Counseling is provided by the Course Director wherever and whenever it is needed, through different modes of communication.
  • Continuous evaluation through question papers & assignments.
  • Provision of terminal examination for each course.
  • Value added facilities provided to the students in the form of books, treatment, instruments, remedy kits and appliances related to the practice of alternative Medicine. See Online Products
After the completion of the courses mantioned in the Prospectus successful students would get their relavent certificates from the Indian Academy of Acupressure Science known as the largest training, treatment and research centre of alternative therapies in joint collaboration with Arogya Mandir (A complete house for training, treatment, research and healthcare products)
  1. Amount may be sent in advance by M.O., D.D. in favour of "AAROGYA MANDIR" payble at Jodhpur RAJASTHAN, (INDIA)
  2. You can pay cash in your city's IDBI Bank in our Current Account in the favour of AAROGYA MANDIR in Account No.: 058102000051253.
    You can pay cash in your city's Bank of Baroda in our Account in the favour of Ravikant Rankawat in Account No.: 01360100020347.
The payment should be made (In person or by courier/ Speed Post/ Registered Post) to the following address.
AAROGYA MANDIR, 315-316, Agarwal Tower, Sardarpura 'B' Road, Jodhpur-3, Rajasthan (INDIA)
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