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Artistic Yoga, is a more vigorous and dynamic form of the Indian Science, it has been re-modified for today’s youth. For an actor there has to be a constant as we are creative people thinking different ideas all the time. Yoga has put my thoughts together and made me focus in one direction. It has made me more controlled in my thinking and made me go beyond my thoughts.
Artistic Yoga not only helps me beautify my body but also rejuvenates and energizes me. After the workout I feel great physically and mentally. I feel Artistic Yoga should be incorporated as part of ones lifestyle.
VASUNDHARA DAS - Singer / Actor
Artistic Yoga for me is an anchor in an ever changing world. Yoga is a tradition that is thousands of years old yet Artistic Yoga makes it valid today…for me it is something invaluable that I carry forward into my future - Vasundhara Das
  Artistic yoga has made my body flexible & lean. I have acheaved results which I could not get with years of weight traning. Artistic yoga has made me more energetic. It has also calmed me down a lot ,lastly it keeps me glowing all day - MRS RUKMANI RAO (A.P.)
  We are really enjoying the yoga classes. It is great to be able to practice yoga four mornings a week. We would not have the opportunity to do so at home (Ireland). The instructors are very helpful and ensure that we do each movement correctly. We have benefited enormously from these classes and would highly recommend them to anyone - MATILDA-ALEX (IRELAND)
  When I joined the class, it was for pure purpose of exercise but gradually I realized that my flexibility had improved, my spine had become more supple and elastic, my joints were more flexible, my elbows which were very weak also improved, and as my body improved the mind was more relaxed and peaceful and thus the quality of life also improved. The instructors are very well trained and have a different style of class everyday, so everyday I am enthusiastic to go to class. I heartily thank a lot for her  innovative way of teaching yoga - ANANDI SHARMA (BEAUTICIAN) JODHPUR
  Along with a good breakfast, Rub’s  yoga class is a great way to start my day. I have been blessed with the best trainers and they have contributed to a calmer, fitter and more toned me. I am very grateful. A big Thank you - JYOTSNA OBEROI (ASTROLOGER)
  Ruby’s Yoga is the best form of exercise I have come across with every workout being customized to help me achieve my goals in a short span of time. I feel a lot fitter and function on a higher level of energy.
  "A positive experience - my knowledge of yoga was limited even though I taught 4 classes a week. I have increased my knowledge of how to put my students into postures and what to look for to help them improve. My own practice has improved dramatically. I feel more confident in teaching." - Dr P.L.Reddy(Hydrabad)

"This residential training has been wonderfully positive on many levels. First, the high quality of the Instructors, their professionalism and organization and clarity with which the knowledge is transmitted has been very helpful. Secondly, the beauty of the location and the new friendships are precious gifts. The training definitely addresses the whole person, not only the physical aspect, but the emotional and spiritual as well. I learned so much during the past 17 days and am very grateful for this incomparable experience." - Denniel Raffini (England)

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