POWERMAT with 30 Magnets(01)/ New Powermat with 20 Magnets(02)/
Powermat 2k (03)


The only Powermat in India with UMF (Universal Magnet Force). Magnets give 102% more power to your Powermat in comparison with other ordinary plates.

First time ever, special design of your Powermat with1089 Pyramids with energy ball gives you 9 times more energy.

While cooking, under your office table as a foot rest, as a back supporter while driving, below shoulders for asthama patients, and all other positions where you can rest your feet on your Powermat for extra energy.

Get the cosmic power of Pyramids for mind and body relaxation, just stand and walk on Powermat, close your eyes and swing gently towards right and left.

Stand on your Powermat and swing forward and backward by applying pressure on toes and heel for about 3 to 5 minutes daily.

Improve your blood circulation by spot walking or arobic exercising on your Powermat for about 3 to 5 mintes daily and keep your herat healthy.

Keep one or more of your Powermats under your pillow or mattress and do deep breathing for about 2 minutes before going to sleep. This will lead to sound sleep.

Use Powermat for pain control and total health as it works on proven Acupressure principle as shown in the illustrated chart. Effective on heels, calf, knee, back and body aches and for general fitness and fat loss. Regular use of this Powermat leads to:-

  1. Unintrupted circulation of blood in the body.
  2. Activation of reflex centres.
  3. Transmission of essential elements to all the body parts and generation of flexibility in the muscular tissues.
  4. Creation of ability in the body to maintain immunity towards diseases.
  5. Functioning of all endocrine glands in a regulated and balanced manner.

Raised Part

Specially raised part of the mat designed to press pressure point of the curved part of your foot. It help in curing mainly constipation, gastric, acidity, diabetes, indigastion and renal problems by walking in your curved maiddle part of sole. Walking on the heels cures sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel pain, knee pain and piles. It is very valuable while used as a morning walker pad.


Twister-Body Weight Reducer Disc (04)

BODY WEIGHT REDUCER DISC: Based on Acupressure Pyramid & Magnetic treatment therapy. Arogya's Twister transforms the body into an attractive shapely figure by getting rid of excess fat, flabby muscles, increases chest & gains energy.


INDICATION: For headache, tension, gastric, acidity, backache, sciatica, knee pain, leg pain, stimulate the pressure points on the sole and helps blood circulation.


It is rough & tuff in use, made by high quality plastic, attached with double ball bearing disc & unbreakable.

Twister-Body Weight Reducer Disc with Powermat (05)

This Twister can be used from both sides.


Car Seat Acupressure (06)

Acupressure seat made by plastic beads based on Acupressure system. Specially (beads) points helps in balancing Bio energy of the body.


Very Useful in : All back related problems like slip disc and other pains due to exertion, strain and sciatica. Improves Blood Circulation in the back.Ailments related to spinal cord, hip joint and lower limbs, low backache, pain & sliffness, painful hemorr hoids (piles) impaired blood circulation, importency, drowsiness & fatigue.

Usage can be used all times for good results.
Use it : Office Chairs, Computer Chairs, Car Seat,Sofa Set


Motor Cycle Seat with Acupressure point (07)

              Releax While you drive your bike availabe for all modles of Hero-Honda, Suzuki, Vespa, Kavasaki, Bajaj etc.

INDICATIONS : For Alertness during drive, Improves sitting and driving capacity.

             Specially designed plastic beads create airation when you sit on the seat and reduce tiredness.


Acupressure Seat Big Size (08)


        Acupressure seat made up of high quality plastic beads, which helps in balancing bio-energy of the body.


INDICATIONS: Helps in Yoga & Body Massage. Specially made for executive class & meditation center.


Acupressure Seat Small Size (09)

        Acupressure seat made up of high quality plastic beads, which helps in balancing bio-energy of the body.


INDICATIONS: Helps in Yoga & Body Massage. Specially made for executive class & meditation center.

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size:12" X 12"
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size:12" X 12"
US $8

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20' X 20'
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15' X 15'
US $7
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