Ek Mukhi Rudraksh


2000 INR

US$ 50

Rudraksh is formed by association of two words, ‘RUDRA’ and ‘AKSHA’. Rudra is the name of Lord Shiva. Aksha means ‘tear’. It is said that the plant of Rudraksh is originated from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. Shastras say Rudraksh of any mukhis can never do any harm to the wearer. No other necklace or bead is so auspicious and powerful as Rudraksh.Rudraksh is best known for its biomedical properties and in controlling stress, hypertension and blood pressure. Sun or Surya the center of the Solar system around which all the planets revolve represents one mukhi.It controls the malefic effects of Sun and cure diseases of the right eye, head, ear, bowel and bones. Psychologically the confidence, charisma, leadership qualities and prosperity of the person increase as the Sun is pleased with the wearer.
A one mukhi Rudraksh can bring you immense power, wealth, luxuries, fame, massive confidence boost and spiritual enrichment. These gives all the worldly pleasures. It is said that where one faced Rudraksh (Rudraksha) is worshipped, that place is always full of riches and goddess Lakshmi has special grace on such places. This is the symbol of lord Rudra. It bestows all prosperity on the devotees. The possessor of this rare Rudraksh is blessed with unexpected wealth, and all his desires are fulfilled.

Do Mukhi Rudraksh


520 INR

US$ 13

Do mukhi Rudraksh (two faced Rudraksh)

This Rudraksh symbolizes power of Lord Shiva . Wearing a do mukhi Rudraksh helps a couple in achieving prosperity , luxuries peace and harmony in relations .It helps in warding off all the negative energy from home environment , helps in solving disputes among couples , father and son , helps in concentrating in studies and bestows them with the power of love and unity. It helps in concentrating in studies and leads him towards the path of success in professional and academic front.


Teen Mukhi Rudraksh


520 INR

US$ 13

Teen mukhi Rudraksh (three faced Rodraksh)

This Rudraksh represents fire . The wearer is bestowed with immense confidence and leadership qualities . It helps the weare in getting rid of all his negative and evil thought ,
In a sense it purifies the spirit of the wearer .It enhances the power of imagination , increases job luck , business luck etc.

Preferably students , who are weak in studies should wear teen mukhi Rudraksh . All of the features like depression , weakness , lack of confidence are removed.


Chaar Mukhi Rudraksh


520 INR

US$ 13

Char mukhi Rudraksh (4 faced Rudraksh )

It is a symbol of Lord Brahma . If worn , helps in all mental ailments ,and is must for children having speaking problem i.e. stammering problem , and are mentally weak .It helps in increasing their grasping power .
Best for success in interviews , guides the wearer towards the path of success and empowers him with positive energy and creativeness .


Paanch Mukhi Rudraksh


320 INR

US$ 8

Paanch mukhi Rudraksh (5 faced Rudraksh)

Paanch mukhi Rudraksh symbolizes five brahmans .Wherever it is worshiped ,no harm is done to the poorer or weaker section of society .The wearer gets rid of all of his sins and is bestows with clarity of heart , peace of mind , and sound health . It helps in monitoring heart ailments , blood pressure and stomach related problems .


Cheh Mukhi Rudraksh


720 INR

US$ 18

Cheh mukhi Rudraksh (6 faced rudraksh)

Cheh mukhi Rudraksh provides the wearer with immense power of knowledge , increases intelligence , makes him sharp minded and increases learning and grasping power . He excels in the field of education and gains all knowledge about Vedas , Ramayan ,Mahabharat etc . This helps women in diseases like hysteria and other mental illness. Those interested in Tantra also gets benefit by it. It also helps students and businessmen. Its possessor attains complete success in the business and earns great wealth .


Saat Mukhi Rudraksh


1520 INR

US$ 38

Saat mukhi Rudraksh (7 faced Rudraksh )

It is a symbol of Goddess Laxmi . It is a provider of health , wealth , all sorts of financial gains and helps in building his wealth . Bestows the wearer with fame and popularity . It is believed to be best for business purposes , job related areas . The wearer is protected from all sorts of diseases like, impotency, cold, obstructions, hopelessness, delay, chronic disease, scarcity, worry etc and achieves longevity .


Aath Mukhi Rudraksh


1000 INR

US$ 25

Eight mukhi Rudraksh (8 faced Rudraksh )

Eight Mukhi Rudraksh represents Lord Ganesha . Wearing eight Mukhi Rudraksh helps the wearer in achieving success in all aspects of life . It is a provider of name , fame and popularity . All of the enemies of the wearer are defeated or it changes their mind .Must for success in court cases .Provides the wearer with long life. Very helpful in stomach related ailments.


Nine Mukhi Rudraksh


1720 INR

US$ 43

Nine Mukhi Rudraksh ( 9 faced Rudraksh )

It provides with the power of patience , bravery , helps the wearer in working really hard for his goal . The wearer becomes more determined and gets rid of all the fears in life . It inspires the wearer with new energy , bestows him with navratri equivalent .It removes the problems like abortion , child conception .fulfills all desires .


Dus Mukhi Rudraksh


2520 INR

US$ 63

Dus Mukhi Rudraksh ( ten faced Rudraksh )

Dus Mukhi Rudraksh represents Lord Vishnu . It removes the evil effects of the nine planets . If your luck does not work in your favor , then this Rudraksh is a must for you .
The wearer gets rid of all the fears of spirits , . It also safeguards you against evil influences around you and gives a secure and protective feeling. The wearer of this Rudraksh remains free from all the evil effects on inauspicious planets and all other evil spirits . It helps in removing vastu defects from home , shop , and office .


Gyarah Mukhi Rudraksh


2720 INR

US$ 68

Gyarah Mukhi Rudraksh (11 faced Rudraksh )

It symbolizes eleven Lords stored within itself . This is best for increasing luck , amassing wealth and to receive the blessings of Lord Shiva .The wearer is showered with happiness in home , becomes more brave .It makes him more strong , and provides sound health . The person’s who have struggled through out their life , take wrong decisions lack of patience , are always gripped with tension , feel lost and insulted all the time ,
Must wear gyarah Mukhi Rudraksh . It also helps in health problems like body pain , liver related problems .


Barah Mukhi Rudraksh


3120 INR

US$ 78

Barah Mukhi Rudraksh ( 12 faced Rudraksh)

The wearer is benefited in various fields like his luck shines like sun . He is bestowed with name , fame and popularity .He gains respect in the eyes of masses , creates a positive aura around . The wearer is always happy , becomes more clever and sharp . It removes tension , all sorts of stress and fears. The wearer becomes more strong and popular . Barah Mukhi Rudraksh is best for leaders , politicians , business men .


Tereh Mukhi Rudraksh


3520 INR

US$ 88

Tereh Mukhi Rudraksh (13 faced Rudraksh )

Tereh Mukhi Rudraksh symbolizes Swami Kartikeya . It is proven to be best for person ‘s at high positions or designation in society . It provides them with success in their respective fields , they gain respect in the eyes of masses , very good for promotion in job. It is often used to increase attractiveness and have hypnotic influences on others, who are smitten with your charms. It also helps attain a sound mind and body and enjoy the various luxuries of life. Such a person remains away from sinful deeds and thoughts. All his worldly desires are fulfilled. Only lucky persons are able to get it. Possessing it can fulfill all your wishes.


Chaudah Mukhi Rudraksh


6120 INR

US$ 153

Chaudah Mukhi Rudraksh (14 faced Rudraksh)

Chaudah mukhi Rudraksh symbolizes Lord Hanuman . This Mukhi is also helpful in opening the third eye chakra, which governs clairvoyance, sharpened skills, heightened state of awareness etc. This is helpful in many diseases. It helps combat the obstacles in life and emerge victorious in the most trying situations. It can help you achieve positions of power and authority and develop a strong sixth sense but demands utmost care and attention. It can actually help you achieve more than you could have ever conceived for yourself.
It helps in getting rid of tension , losses , accidents , stress and all health related problems .
The wearer is protected from untimely death . It also protects the wearer from evil powers, black magic and magic spells . After ek mukhi Rudraksh , this rudraksh is most powerful .


Gauri Shankar Rudraksh


5120 INR

US$ 128

Gauri Shankar Rudraksh

Two rudrakshas joined in a natural way are called Gauri Shankar Rudraksh ,It symbolizes Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati . It is usually kept in home and worshipping place . It helps in achieving peace and harmony in home environment , keeps it purified . This is best for happy and a prosperous life . It helps in removing misunderstanding in various relations and spreads love among them . Young girls and boys , whose marriage is getting delayed , must wear this Rudraksh .


Rudraksh Kavac


1320 INR

US$ 33

The Rudraksh Kavach is designed to bring Health, Prosperity, wealth and good luck to the wearer. The Rudraksh Kavach is made with the combination of 3 types of Rudraksh i.e. two mukhi, six mukhi and seven mukhi. Two Faced Rudraksha is the symbol of ArdhaNareeshwara, a joint image of the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti) and controls the malefic effects of Moon such as diseases of Left eye, kidney, intestine in physical level and in the spiritual level such as lack of harmony in relationship etc.Six Faced Rudraksha symbolizes Shadanan and removes all hurdles that come in the path of learning, the 7-faced rudraksh is a symbol of Lord Anant. Rudraksh Kavach blesses the wearer with good education and learning.

Rudraksh Kawach is proficient in controlling and activating certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters thereby including different states of mind.

It increases mental power, creative wisdom, wit, willpower , intelligence, knowledge and focus. Rudraksh Kawach calm the mind, bring focus and also heal the children in many ways.

Rudraksh Kawach is supposed to be worn on Monday between 6.00 A.M to 8.00 A.M by silently repeating the sacred mantra of Lord Shiva "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA".


Ganesh Rudraksh


2000 INR

US$ 50

Ganesh Rudraksha bears a Trunk like elevation as is seen on the face of Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva. Ganesha, the elephant-headed God of success and overcoming obstacles, is also associated with wisdom, learning, prudence, and power. He gives 'Riddhi-Siddhi'. He is the first to be worshipped in the beginning of any auspicious occasion. Ganesh Rudraksha provides the wearer perfection in every sphere in life and the grace of Lord Ganesha is received by him. The Ganesh Rudraksha Bead is really special due to the way it grows the thorny protrusions of the outer surface of the Bead. It provides the worshipper perfection in every sphere in life and the grace of Lord Ganesh is received by him.
Ganesh Rudraksh is good for businessman, entrepreneurs, service men, politicians, students and industrialist. It is said to rejuvenate, bestow health, wealth, a long life, peace, prosperity and contentment.

Ganesh Rudraksha is supposed to be worn on Monday between 6.00 A.M to 8.00 A.M by silently repeating the sacred mantra of Lord Ganesh "Om Gan Ganpatayay Namah", "Om Ganeshaya Namah".




300 INR

US$ 7.5

Rudraksh is holistic ornament and cures many disorders with its spiritual powers. This bracelet can be used as a wrist bend and also as baby payal. It comes in two models one is made of all rudraksha and one with crystal beads with rudraksha.
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