RUBY RANKA (Remedial Vaastu Expert, Vastu Consultant, Gem of Pyramid, REIKI Grand Master, Yogacharya, Chief Editor 'Arogya Aapke Dwar')

Ruby Ranka

               Vastu shastra is considerably very ancient art of India, by knowledge of this shastra we can get mental peace, health, wealth etc., With the help of this shastra we can make our life economically happy. By using the rules of this shastra we can easily make life happier by making necessary alterations in the construction of our building, village, city, shop, office, factory and industries according to the rules and regulations of the Vastu Shastra. Many persons without concentrating on the auspicious or unsuspicious aspect constructs their house and these problems arises in form of defects of vastu in their houses. It results in many problems such as unfortunate results; troubles, economic loss, unhappiness, ailments and they have to face many other bad circumstances. After facing all these problems, they conclude that their building is unlucky and it is not made according to the rules of vastu. Building construction architecture and Vastu-Science are different things. An architect can construct a well-maintained house but he can't take the guarantee of the life of that person that would live in that house happily. Sometimes even after making many attempts many tragedies tooke place in our life. All attempts are done carefully and successfully then also many problems arise. Vastu-Science may also become our guide for the establishment of fortune in our life. Vastu defects are responsible for all these unwanted problems. On one hand the home, which is constructed according to the vastu, is come to be known as a boon, but if any time mistake takes place then it can destroy our all peace and prosperity.

      All Vaastu defects can be corrected by using different remedies like : Pyramids of different shapes and sizes, Holistic symbols and Holistic ornaments, Feng Shui articles, Various Yantras and symbols, Using Crystals and Dowsing.


Vast Services

  • Selection of Plot
  • Construction Details
  • Residential Vastu
  • Commercial Vastu
  • Interior Designing by Vastu
  • Vastu Dosh & Remedies
  • Multistory Building
  • Online Vastu
  • Industrial Vastu
More Vastu Services Residential Vastu Shastra
  • Bedroom/ Master Bed Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Dining Room
  • Guest Room
  • Pooja Room
  • Children Room
  • Study Room
  • Kitchen
  • Store Room
  • Bath Room
  • Locker Room
Commercial Vastu Shastra
  • Industries
  • Offices
  • Commercial complex
  • Shop / Showroom
  • Hotel
  • Hostel

Vastu Services
        If you are facing inexplicable problems, which are normally not expected, then you should suspect Vaastu. If you are not having the peace and prosperity in the house If in your shop your sales is not increasing If in your industry machines are not running properly or always some unavoidable circumstances comes to obstruct your work

If you have any problem in :
Married life
Family health and harmony
Growth of children or health

     If you have any of the above problems, you can contact us with a detailed plan of the house. Make your surroundings a better place to live in.

Residential Vastu

    We offer our services in residential vastu fields to choose a appropriate land or construct a building or help you for choosing a House, Flat, Bungalow, Farm House, Havale, Kothi and other desired resides places. So that, you can choose a best option with vastu knowledge where you can get maximum prosperity and safety, convenience from environment & nature.

Commercial & Industrial Vastu
    We offer our services according to nature of your work so that you can do your work without any problem and hinders after applying the rules and principles of commercial vastu and get maximum benefit from their works.

It has two branches
- Commercial.                      - Industrial.

    We offer our services in commercial vastu field for chose a land or construct a building or select a constructed place for:- Offices, Shops, Show room, Hotels, Resorts, Guest houses, Hostels, Fast food center, hospitals, Nursing home, Clinic, Club, School, college, etc as well as in Industrial vastu field for chose a land or construct a building or select a constructed place for :- Factory, Industries, small scale industry, Heavy industries, mills.

Vastu Interior Arrangements Services

    By the outlook of vastu knowledge we suggest how to do interior arrangement of your home, building and room, in all branches of vastu, for your home or office or any desired residential or commercial place.
Interior arrangement service in two category interior arrangement of building like main switch board, route of the wires, water tank, water pipelines, under ground water boring, septic tank, etc.

Interior arrangement of room:-
    We do interior arrangement of room according to nature and features of room like position and directions of furniture or require things, goods, article in concerned room. Like placement and direction of bed in bed room, gas stove, fridge, oven in kitchen, bath tab and geeger, water tub in bathroom, dinning table, study table, sofa set, telivision, music system and all things which we use in our daily activity, we have to know about the appropriate direction and placement of aforesaid things. As well as in the office, at where a head person of office would sit? Sitting arrangement of clients, place for ready goods, how to make the cabins according to seniority of senior persons, location of conference room etc. As well as in all commercial ctg. We do interior arrangement in all category of vastu

In residential vastu:
    Whether it is house, flates, bungalow , havale, kothe, farm house and any other resides place in residential vastu category.

In commercial vastu field:
    We do interior arrangement of Offices, Shops, Show room, Hotels, Resorts, Guest houses, Hostels, Fast food center, hospitals, Nursing home, Clinic, Club, School, college, factory, heavy industry, mills.

In religious vastu field:
    All kind of Prey houses:- temples, gurudewara, churches, spiritual institutions ,public place & rest houses, holly pounds and well and water tanks, religious and spiritual education institutions.

Why does interior arrangement necessary with vastu rules?

    Each work has its nature as well as features, directions and own 'Destiny'. Whether it is a room of domestic vastu like bed room, dinning room and arrangement of water tank or electric bord and other related stuffs and in the field of commercial vastu like offices, factories, shops, showrooms, industries and in spiritual vastu, temples, pounds, rest houses. They all have their own nature and feature. If interior arrangements are according to nature and feature of work then concerned activities will go without any hindrance If arrangements are contrary to vastu provision then native may face problems and hindrance in concern work.

    Example: in the bedroom, if direction of bed in north side than we can not take proper sleep in the same manner in kitchen the placement of gas stove and other fire related activities in north east side create problem in Kitchen and maximum chances of fire breaks. Therefore whether it is a vastu or commercial or spiritual, interior arrangement are done according to nature and feature of vastu rules gives maximum benefits.

    Example: Vastu knowledge prefer south direction for the face of bed because Yum is the Lord of South direction in the bed room who gives peace and rest. As well as direction of bed in north-west direction is good to enjoy for the new married couple, because 'Venus' is the lord of this direction. He signifies, sex, romance and marital activities.

Interior Decoration by Vastu Shastra

     We offer our services to decorate your house or offices or any desired residential or commercial place by the outlook of vastu shastra. Generally people take meaning of interior decoration for colors of wall and roof, type and shape of furniture, showpieces, statues, water fountains, pictures, hangings and other related stuffs. But when we think about interior decorations by the out look of vastu knowledge, then we found some logic and ethic about how to applying colors, placement of furniture, show pieces, water related article and get a pleased atmosphere and refreshing energy.

Then why not we use aforesaid things in a different manner?
    We co-ordinate all stuff like colors, furniture, showpiece and other related stuff with the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, space) with natural forces (magnetic, solar, gravitational) as well as in decoration. This techniques help us in our daily activity and refresh our mental and physical energy. If even you do mistake in the setup and placement of above mention things you can face problems in your daily activities, because each thing and article has its nature and features like water, wood, statue of lord etc. Wrong placement of any aforesaid things and wrong color scheme is one of the reason that's why environmental problems generate, therefore you decorate your home but after becoming familiar with this knowledge, so that you get maximum benefit from your decoration and get pleased atmosphere as well as refresh your mental and physical energy.

Our services available to decorate your places :
   In residential: for all flats, bungalow , havale, kothe, other resides place.
In commercial: Offices, Shops, Show room, Hotels, Fast food center, Clinic, Club, School, factory, heavy industry, mills.
In religious: All kind of Prey houses:- spiritual institutions.

Online Vaastu
     The vastu consultancy can be done through net, If you want to have a consultation, do not worry, just send the proper plan of the house with correct directions marked and we will check the problems prevailing and will give solutions for them. If you want to talk to us, do set a particular time and we can talk on phone and you can clear your doubts right there or you can mail at

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