VAASTU RATNA (A Complete Course on Vaastu, Pyramid and Remedies)

        This is an Expertise Course of Vastu Vidya by doing this you can correct Vaastu defects without any domolitions. This course covers all the features of remedial vaastu which is more acceptable all over the world.

Name of Course : VAASTU RATNA (A Complete Course on Vaastu, Pyramid and Remedies)

QUALIFICATIONS : Secondary or Practical experience.

AGE:   Minimum 18 years.

FEES : US $175.


1. Application Form for this award alongwith your one photograph, educational certificate & experience certificate and patients opinions are to be attached with the form.

2. You will receive a certificate after completion of this course.

3 . You can send the fees by D.D. in favour of Arogya Mandir, Jodhpur or you can also deposit cash or cheque in your city's ICICI Bank in our Current Account in the name of NEW AROGYA MANDIR, in Account No.: 001705004539. For ICICI Bank's Address Visit

4 . If you are interested in Practical classes (for internet & Correspondence) the facility is provided at our Jodhpur center for three days on extra fees rupees 500 (For Indian) & $ 50 (For foreign candidate).

5. Charges for instruments, literature, charts and books will be extra.

Main features of this course:

a) You can treat patients at home with fees or can start your self-centre.

b) You can get job/service in any naturopathy hospital or alternative treatment therapy clinic.

c) It can help you in (Medical) Alternative business.

d) You can help your family as well as others by treating them free of cost.

e) World health organization of Geneva has approved this system.

f) You can get award, if you work excellent in this field.


       Introduction of Vastu, Vasu Dev Directions Shallyoddhar of plot, Directions & Auspicious-unauspicious of building, Vastu-rachna & Direction Sub-Direction faults, Many types of Vedh, Water Storege, Septic tank & others, Gate & Gate Rules, Windows, Pillars, Stairs, Doorsill (leez), Trees, Vithi Shul & Vinays, Obstruction & External House, Agitated Vastu & its cure.

        Common wall & Row-houses, Apartments or Flats, North-East facing building, South-East facing building, South-West facing building, North-West facing building, Panch-Vastu, Right aspect ever beneficial, commercial Vastu, Remedial Vastu:- Vastu-dosh precautionary Totakas, Vastu-dosh precautionary Ancient Yantra, Ganpati experiments for precautionary Vastu-dosh, Pyra-Vastu, Feng-Shui, Vanspati etc.

       Earth, Climate & Life, Directions & Areas, Sun & Magnetic Field, Vastu (Nature), History of Vastu-Shastra, Treatise & Author, Vastu-Shastra & Relation of Religion, Vastu dev: Place, Introduction & Vastu-Purush, Specialty of Vastu-Purush, Classical Aspect - Bhawan Zirnoddhar.
      Selection of plot, Dik-vichar, Auspicious & Unsuspicious, Kakini Vichar, Methods of Shallyagyan & it's results, Prashast-Nonprashast plot, Bhu-plavn results, Vastu-Rachna & Direction-Subdirection faults, Nagar & Bhawan Planning, Graharambh Kal-vichar, Introduction of Sixteenth Types of Houses, Shape Determination of various kinds of rooms, Internal Decoration of House.

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